About This Item

The Complete Home Safety Alert System Bundle includes a Main Unit, NOAA Weather Radio, Security Alert Signaler, and Bed Shaker, providing a comprehensive solution to keep you informed and prepared for any emergency. The Main Unit connects all the bundle devices and allows you to customize notification messages according to your needs. It also has an alarm clock with a volume of up to 105 dB and a telephone ring signaler that identifies video and landline callers. The emergency radio has a 90 dB Siren, voice alert, flashing LED warning systems, and a Public-alert certified monitor that receives 7 NOAA channels, providing alerts and warnings for natural disasters such as floods, tornados, and thunderstorms. You can also set up natural disaster notifications for up to 25 counties of your choice through the S.A.M.E. alert program. The radio and main unit are available in English, Spanish, and French. The Security Alert Signaler is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, with a weather-resistant construction that can be placed on or near any door. It can connect to your existing doorbell chime box or directly to the NOAA weather radio, providing added security.   The Bed Shaker can be plugged into the main unit to receive notifications through vibration, buzz, or a combination of both. This feature is useful for individuals who are hard of hearing or for those who do not want to be disturbed by loud noises. Sonic Alert, an award-winning brand that has been trusted for over 40 years, provides tailored home alert solutions and extra loud alarm clocks to support their mission of alerting and notifying users through electronic communication.