Sonic Alert SB1000SS Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

About this item

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock is a one-of-a-kind clock that can wake up even the heaviest sleepers. You can choose to wake up to a combination of loud pulsating audio alarm or flashing lights, with adjustable volume and tone controls that allow you to customize the best sound combination for waking up. The clock’s display has large, bright green LED numbers that can be viewed from different angles, and it also has a battery backup for power outages (9V battery not included). Additionally, the clock has a built-in receiver for other Sonic Alert signalers, eliminating the need for separate receivers in your bedroom to alert you to your baby’s crying, doorbell or telephone. You can test different combinations of flashing lights, shaking bed or loud pulsating audio alarm with the test button on the unit to find the best option for you. With a 113 db extra-loud alarm, built-in flashing alert lights, and a five-year Sonic Alert blast-proof warranty, you can rest easy knowing you’re always connected.


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